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Our Philosophy at MakiaTech is simple: Powerfully Simple, Browser Friendly, User Oriented Web Authoring. Following that concept, we use the best tools that are consistant with that policy. This means we use the tools that get the job done in the most efficient manner.

Want to know our trade secrets? Below is a list of some of the tools and techniques we use to create websites at MakiaTech.
Knowledge Knowledge. If you stop learning, you stagnate. We strive to provide the best we can every day. However, there is always something new everyday. One of the ways to provide you with the best service we can is by subscribing to various newsletters. Check out some of the newsletters on our Links page.


AnFX, an awesome product of Step Ahead Software, allows us to provide complicated, interactive graphics, menus, etc., ALL WITHOUT THE USE OF PLUGINS!. What does this mean for you as a customer of MakiaTech? It means web pages that are alive with action, without your visitors having to have special software (called plugins) added to their browsers.

PTGui and Panoramic Tools

PTGui, by New House Internet Services, is a front end for the great Panorama Tools package. Panorama Tools, by Helmut Dersch, is used for creating panoramic pictures.

Any Browser

Part of our philosophy is based on an organization called Any Browser. This organization is based on the idea of building web pages that will work on virtually all browsers, whether they run on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. We have chosen the position of supporting any browser that uses HTML version 3.2, as well as text based browsers such as Lynx (a Unix browser). We feel this offers you the best range of browser support, without going to extremes.

Here are some other links to useful tools

Open Directory Project at - your Web Development site DEKNOP button manager - sam francke
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